About Us

NIAGARA DANCE & FITNESS STUDIO celebrates the love and joy of dance. Providing recreational and competitive dance programs, NDFS harnesses the potential of every student to reach success. Our focus is to teach the Art of Dance. Whether your child comes to us to dance for recreation, or your child is wanting to do Examinations and Competitions, you will get the SAME TECHNICAL TRAINING. 

We provide an open and inclusive atmosphere, where every person walking through the door is treated with the utmost respect and equal opportunity. The end of the year recital is a chance where all dancers come together to show the progression and their talents from what they have learned during the year.

For the past 8 years, NDFS has supported Community Living of Lincoln, by creating a custom dance class where each individual can experience the joy of dance. Community Living of Lincoln is showcased in the year end recital, this is where they really shine! We strive to be vital contributors in the community to help raise awareness for various charities.